US Virgin Islands Weather

and Hurricane Information

The US Virgin Islands enjoy some of the nicest weather on earth.  Year round, the total variance from coolest to hottest is less than 20 degrees (F).  The 20 degree range is from 70 to 90, with the average being in the low 80's.  The rainy season is September through November, which coincides with the hurricane season, but the fact that it is the rainy season does not mean that it rains all day, every day, but rather that it is more likely to rain at some point each day.

The Virgin Islands crystal clear water and idyllic weather make them a snorkeling paradise.

The biggest weather threat to the Virgin Islands are hurricanes.  Hurricane season runs from roughly, August through November, with the real threat generally being in September.  During hurricane season, hurricane information from the National Hurricane Service is published on this page.

         Caribbean Satelite image

Current Atlantic and Caribbean satellite image.
Movie view of Caribbean satellite. (Large File)

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