Yes, Kids are welcome!

Is there anything for kids to do in the USVI?  This is a common question posed by travelers heading to America's Caribbean Paradise.  The answer is, "Yes, lots of stuff!"

The US Virgin Islands is a great family destination.  Kids love playing at the beach and stories of snorkeling the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean will make them the envy of their friends.  Any place that rents snorkel gear will have children's sizes, so getting equipped for fun is never a problem.  There are also some great attractions like Coral World that kids really love.

Kid's wanting to learn more about the Virgin Islands should consider reading the book "Caribbean Capers " by Joan and Marco Santomenna.  Caribbean Compass, April 2004 describes the book this way: "Caribbean Capers is an engaging tale of adventures experienced by a group of boys of varying backgrounds in St John, USVI. Their brushes with "pirates' (dinghy thieves) and other challenges result in steps toward maturity and friendship. It would be great fun to read this book while anchored in Leinster Bay and try to retrace the young heroes' footsteps as they range along the beaches and over the hills, escaping from danger, solving a mystery and beginning the voyage from boys to men."

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Morphed photo of a child on a beach in the US Virgin islands

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